February 3, 2008

CA Basics: Tote my bag

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Hermes Birkin
The Hermes Birkin. Such a beautiful bag, such a hideous name. It’s a shame how anyone would give such a gorgeous creation a title faintly reminiscient of birkenstocks.

The perfect bag. How do you describe? Because we all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we do judge a chica by her bag(gage).

The beautiful thing about shopping for handbags and accessories, as every girl living and breathing has likely recognized – is that it always fits. If Cinderella had dropped a Hermes Kelly handbag at the ball, things definitely wouldn’t have ended up happily ever after, as any stepsister (good or evil loyalties aside) can hide many flaws, including dumpy feet, with the sight of a gloriously sumptuous bag contrasting against their arm.

Everything speaks volumes (book pun unintended): the type of bag, the texture, the brand, the size, the colour, and of course… how you wear it. Heads up high, girls, let’s break it down to the basics.

The Type

Clutch: … the name itself implies the size and the intimacy bestowed by this cute little purse designed small enough to be carried by hand. But size isn’t necessarily pejorative (oh, thou doth protest too much?) because a colourful and well-designed clutch can catch and draw attention to where you want it most. Or least.

Evening bag: The glittery, glitzy bag that you carry out with you to cute functions. It’s qualified to have a cute lipstick shoved within and usually complements the eye-candy you arrived with. Let it be glam – long straps that you can wind around or carry (not sling) casually over your arm as if to say, “Yes, I am this effortlessly classy.”

Messenger bag: Oh, how the working class has risen! Once seen primarily upon the back of your faithful mail carrier, the messenger bag has taken off with popularity as others have discovered the appeal and (relative) comfort of carrying (read: lugging) your wordly possessions through the shoulder strap that winds tidily around your chest. It’s a nice compromise between the ergonomics of a bulky backpack and the more fashionable teeny counterpart.

Stam Bag

Marc Jacobs’ Stam Bag

Have you ever seen a more modernly chic accessory?

The bag that CA is eyeing at the moment would be Marc Jacobs’ ever popular, yet ever ludicrously fiscally elusive Stam bag, designed especially for the eponymous Canadian model herself. With the quilted pattern, elegant chain that allows the bag to be hung casually over the shoulder or daintily carried by handle with a chain accessory, this is my thousand dollar desire, to be held in the same recess of adoration that only the Hermes Kelly or Hermes Birkin bag have presided in before.

CA thanks: Barney’s



  1. I love Marc Jacobs’ stam bag.This bag features a frame top and then the soft quilted leather body; which has proven to be a huge success season after season.

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