March 29, 2008

CA Basics: Getting dress-ed.

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Formals, semi-formals, proms.

This is the one occasion where guys seriously miss out. Seriously. Going through racks of dresses, caressing silky fabrics, delighting over the colour nuances as a dress hits different spots of lights? It’s beauty to a different level.

Yet so many people get it wrong. I think there is where the phrase ‘hot mess’ was derived.

Because black-tie formals already imply classy and elegant and, utterly redundant as it may be, formal attire. Leopard print skin tight mini dresses of a crass material with a v-slit down to your navel do not apply, no matter how thin you look in it. Seriously.

That snobbish tendency aside, CA loves dresses. CA, however, cannot afford to buy every dress under the sun, but here are some recommendations so that perhaps one or two of you lovelies out there can.

(See? Classy Action does its part to encourage productivity in the economy.)

Three current classy favourites

The red dress.

We love red dresses, but we hate red dresses gone wrong. And that happens much too often. Here’s the thing: red speaks for itself. But to look timeless and elegant, go for a rich coloured red in a beautiful material, as opposed to a bright garish creation with beads in a rough and cheap textured material. Below, a beautiful Nicole Miller creation.

Note: the Nicole Miller dress is gorgeous in deep jewel tones. But in other colours, it could resemble an expensively constructed towel.

Nicole Miller


What an amazing website as a) a resource to look at dresses and b) a great place to get more inexpensive pieces that you can wear once or twice without completely breaking your budget.

A trendy piece this season will be that dratted rosette and flowers and tiered dresses. I hated it, but when done correctly, it can be gorgeous and flattering. See below.


All yours for the low, low price of under $100 at eDressMe. Do it, do it, you know you want to…

And while you’re at it, buying cheap doesn’t have to mean looking cheap. See below for a perfectly elegant black dress, complete with gorgeous lace overpanels and a beautifully tidy bow at the back, so you look gorgeous from front and back pictures.


So go on, break the bank. With pretty styles this season, there’s no better time to do it.


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