About Classy Action

I’m not six feet tall, willowy, or endowed with long and shiny hair that swishes playfully everytime I peer over my shoulder coquettishly.

Dearest readers, truth to be told, I’m not coquettish at all.

I’m also so convinced that I’m not the only woman in the world enduring this plight. And in the face of media onslaught of tabloids and publicity magazines that only seem enthused about dressing the aforementioned Amazonian beauty or it’s diametrically polar opposite in the form of completely obese individuals, sometimes it’s hard for the ordinary Jane to “dress for her shape!”

I don’t work in fashion. I don’t work in beauty. I’m not striking figure. I’m not qualified to judge you at all.

I’m Canadian and can be catty. That is, I have a propensity towards saying “eh” in a sardonic fashion.

My entitlements lie within my own opinions. I admire classic elegance, even if I’m not a classic beauty. I think even if you can’t wear a dress, you can admire how well others wear it. Equivocally, I think you can also lambast someone for wearing a beautiful creation poorly.

I think there’s a way to dress everyone. I think everyone has a beautiful feature or style that will suit them.

Stay classy.



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    Have a nice day !

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