February 5, 2008

Ferragamo: How fierce are you?

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Ferragamo bag - Feb 08
F is for Ferragamo’s Fiera Tote.
F is for Fierce.
But for $940, F should be for “fiscally prudent. Forget about it.”
If you’ve got a couple grand to drop, CA highly encourages you to invest in gold or potash.
But if you’re feeling frivolous and girly, more power to you.  We wish we had your problems.

Clearly, today’s bag has been brought to you by the letter F.

CA Sources: Saks Fifth Avenue


February 3, 2008

CA Musings: Pastel is the new Noir

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Vanity Fair, February 2008 Hollywood Issue

Vanity Fair’s 2008 Hollywood Issue

Reasons for purchase: Annie Leibowitz’s stellar photography and this year, for Dior’s classic collection. The celebrities are disposable.

First-Glance Trends

The cliched “pop-of-colour!” in the form of shoes is going to explode. That, or there weren’t any handbags available at time of photoshoot. However, the gold shoes paired with white dresses are a beautiful touch.

Yes, pastels are gorgeous. In person. In print, when combined with other muted pastels, though, this photoshoot is a sedative just sending me to sleep.

Bathing suit + gloves + floppy, wide brimmed hat implications. Is modesty going to be a completely lost art in future red carpet showings? Are we going to be seeing dresses with overtly large bows on the beaches? Is CA reading waaay too far into this tiny cover page?


Amy Adams: Hollywood’s latest favourite doll, staying nonchalently blonde in the sea of front page brunettes. Idly wondering why the colour scheme is still screaming Christmas in February.

Emily Blunt: looking classy and gorgeous with her long gloves, despite the fact that the picture makes her look like she’s growing a pink tail.

Anne Hathaway: Grecian, serene, and utterly boring.

Jessica Biel: contemplating how much of a raise her publicist is going to merit after landing her this prime cover spot.

CA Sources: USA Today