July 7, 2009

CA Basics: Talk to Me

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When you talk, people should listen.

But listening doesn’t mean staring.  There’s nothing wrong with a bold red lip for special occasions, but sometimes, you don’t want your lips to be front and centre. Yet you still want them to look good.

So here’s what you have.

The Options

Lipstick: For a polished, classic look.  Here’s the thing: good-looking lips take work. You need to buff and sloth off the dry skin, line the lips, apply the lipstick just so, blot, and then maintain. (Really. Learning how to drink coffee with lipstick on should be considered a legitimate talent.)

However, there are easier options out there, including Maybelline Moisture Extreme – a fantastic range of moisturizing lipsticks. They are easy to apply and layer – are incredibly smooth and pigmented and there is very little risk of over application. It’s like a really smooth lipbalm with amazing payoff.

The one catch: many of the current line is full of shimmer and glitter pigments. For those seeking a truly matte look – veer away.

Lipgloss: On its own, lipgloss is hit-or-miss. Too much, and you risk looking like teen-discovering-mom’s-makeup-case. Too clear, too plain, it’s just shiny and non-impactful. But almost always, what CA finds is that a slick of lipgloss across lipstick offers shine and adds a more fresh-faced quality to a made-up look. Plain, matte lipstick can age you. Lipgloss dials back time a couple notches.

Mix and Match: Lipstick + Lipgloss

Mixing and matching lipglosses to lipsticks in different combinations is also a great way to add depth and different tones to ho-hum lipstick shades. What girl hasn’t purchased a lipstick that looks great in the tube but dulls her complexion upon application? Instead of smearing it together with another lipstick, try adding a vibrant shade on top of it – you can often go with a more daring shade of a slightly transparent lipgloss (see: Revlon Cherries in the Snow) to drastically transform your lips.

In a classy manner.


For a daily look, CA girls like it with super long lashes and a neutral (not necessarily nude!) lip with a dash of gloss on top, to keep it fresh, classy, and effortless.

CA Recommends:

For the neutral look:

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Just Enough Buff (wonderful peachy nude) layered with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Life’s a Peach.

Pretty in pink:

Rimmel Lasting Finish Intense Wear in Airy Fairy (for lighter complexions) or Celeb (for a mildly bolder magenta lip)


February 4, 2008

CA Basics: Face Forward

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Sometimes, classic elegance and fast fashion don’t go hand in hand.

When magazines are screaming to layer on the eyeshadow, grab the MAC Red Russian, and layer on the blush… CA has to turn the other (paler) cheek.

Hayden Panettiere - red lipstick

It’s not that she looks bad. We’re just saying she could wait til she turns 45 before she starts looking like she’s 45.

Beauty can be affordable and natural beauty is always in style. Tone down the makeup, let your skin breathe, and you’ll be absolutely glowing – without any chemical assistance.

But as always – nobody said that natural beauty implies no beauty. But CA is restricted to a (horror of horrors) budget and CA enjoys sleeping in, meaning makeup is kept to a minimum. But we swear – this is all it takes to look naturally beautiful.

The Tools

Mascara: It’s the one critical tool. It makes the difference between Minnie and Mickey Mouse – it’ll differentiate you as a stand out bombshell babe. If there’s anything that’s worth shelling out the extra $$$, CA votes twice. For each eye. Also, for two products to be used in conjunction.

CA Recommends: Shiseido: The Makeup Mascara Base + Maybelline Full & Soft (washable)

Shiseido + Maybelline = Love

The Makeup Mascara Base can be purchased at any Sephora and if you look hard enough, you can probably find it on eBay, too. It’s not super cheap as it comes in at an average $22 USD, but be real: you were ready to drop $30 on Diorshow anyway. This is a downright bargain when you think of the payoff.

The Shiseido website contains all this lovely propaganda on how it’s a “clear base coat for eyelashes that improves mascara application and wear” before it launches into all it’s features.

We know you don’t care, you just want to know how to use it. It’s simple.

1. Curl your lashes with a curler.

2. Use the Shiseido Mascara Base on your eyelashes and sweep the slightly grey-ish substance through, coating your lovelies.

3. Sweep the Maybelline Full and Soft through. One or two coats. The Shiseido waterproofs it for you, so no need to buy the impossible-to-scrub-off waterproof shiznasty.  More importantly, Shiseido holds a curl like absolutely nobody’s business so you get the wonderful upswept effect that lasts.  And lasts.  And lasts.  And CA almost never gets the dreaded ‘raccoon eyes’ syndrome, if only because the miraculous curl ensures the lashes never get anywhere under your eyes.

That’s it. CA has never bought any other mascara and never intends to. Maybelline’s Full and Soft is a beautiful and rich black mascara that doesn’t leave your eyelashes all dry and crinkly and gross. In fact, if you flutter your lashes through, it’s almost embarrassingly pliable.


Nothing screams effortless than a quick application of gloss over your lips. And because we spend half our lives eating and talking and otherwise doing everything humanly possible to wipe it off, CA doesn’t recommend spending a fortune on it. Rather, we go for quick bursts of shine and an embarrassingly tasty scent.

CA Recommends: Rimmel Vinyl Lipshine: in Snog

Rimmel lipgloss

So we went with the London advertisements. Yes, the ones with Kate Moss. (But don’t hold it against Rimmel.)

And Snog looks gorgeous on almost everybody. It looks natural with it’s dark pinky-red hue, but with a dash of intensity that makes him wonder exactly what you’ve got on your lips that is so irresistable.

Did CA mention how easy it is to reapply?

And that is it. Let Hayden know that you don’t actually have to look 50 to achieve the glam of the 1960s gals.

CA Sources: Hayden-Panettiere.com, Shiseido, Maybelline, Rimmel